On Readership

Just last month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Bill 830 and introduced the concept of media literacy to the state. It requires the state Department of Education’s website to list resources on media literacy, including professional development programs for teachers, by July 2019. The bill was inspired by a recent Stanford University study that found… Continue reading On Readership


In Support of Public Housing

Parson might have put it best when he wrote that “public housing has never come easily to these United States; nor, for that matter, has the political philosophy behind public housing, social democracy, been an enduring U.S. characteristic.” (ix) Though public housing programs have been, and still are, attempted nationwide, their successes have been influenced… Continue reading In Support of Public Housing

The Anti-Americanism of Noam Chomsky

The role of the public intellectual in society is a discussion one would hardly hear these days. For those unfamiliar with the term, Alice Gregory of the New York Times provides the following definition: “A public intellectual is someone whose opinions help to set the moral and aesthetic standards of her time; she draws fault… Continue reading The Anti-Americanism of Noam Chomsky