Why Commit?

This was originally written for submission to the Modern Love college essay contest. It is hot in the car as we yell the lyrics to a song by Cher off-tune. The landscape is the same every time. A clear bright sky, a winding empty road, and a bittersweet sense of loss as we encroach on… Continue reading Why Commit?

Why I’m Leaving Home

A brief foreword - I was born and raised in Singapore for 18 years. I am ethnically Chinese and grew up in a middle-class family with both parents, grandparents, and two younger sisters who now study in the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Temasek Polytechnic. I attended a Catholic primary school and, later, the… Continue reading Why I’m Leaving Home

The Anti-Americanism of Noam Chomsky

The role of the public intellectual in society is a discussion one would hardly hear these days. For those unfamiliar with the term, Alice Gregory of the New York Times provides the following definition: “A public intellectual is someone whose opinions help to set the moral and aesthetic standards of her time; she draws fault… Continue reading The Anti-Americanism of Noam Chomsky

The Neoliberalization of American Universities

Neoliberalism has invaded American universities. Across the various fields that constitute social welfare, education is one of the most significant in shaping the values and worldview of a society. For a neoliberalist ideology to permeate it is, many would hope, a strong wake-up call to academics, institutions, and the state alike. Here is, first, a… Continue reading The Neoliberalization of American Universities